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Testimonials: What Our Customers Say

“I want to personally thank you for your prompt service to help my neighbors… in sweltering 100 plus temp…as you have always provided great care to us. Thank you for your compassion and concern. It was truly appreciated. With fondness.
- Judy N., Fair Oaks

“Just a note to commend you for your honesty and competence with regard to my air conditioning repair. From a prior visit, I was convinced by the repairman [from another company] that I needed a new heat-air unit at a cost of over…When I called your company, the gentleman I spoke with said that he sincerely doubted I needed a new unit and would send a man over… had the unit going within the hour and it has been working fine since.”
-Robert W., Sacramento

“Thank you for a job well done! Your company and staff were a pleasure to work with, very friendly, helpful and did an exceptional job by going above and beyond the original scope of work. It appears that you have entrenched in them that quality is of great importance to you.” -Robert P., Loomis

“Thank you very much for helping me with my air conditioner problem! You three were just so very kind to take the time to help me…My husband is home now and recuperating in our cool house. You restored my faith in human nature.”
-Jim & Cindy B, Rancho Cordova

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to walk me through the a/c repair on Saturday. I finally found that the roofers had cut the t-stat wire. Anyway, not many people would be so friendly and patient and I really appreciate it.”
-Dave G., Sacramento

“Our thanks for a wonderfully warm season and the promise of a cool year ahead.”
-The Wacky Women in the Vic, Sacramento

“Yesterday I called to make a service appointment and you solved my problem over the phone ….Good service is getting harder to find these days and someone who helps without charging a fee is even harder. You surprised me on both counts…”
-Bill L., Sacramento

“Thank you so very much for your concern & care & prompt service to us during a busy time. Wedding was great! House was cool, and for that we do thank each & everyone. We are so in all of your debt for making our special day even more special.”
-Jeanette & Jim S., Sacramento

“David & I want to thank every person in your company that we have dealt with. We were so impressed with the expertise and professionalism you showed when installing our new heating and air conditioning systems. …We have noticed that for the 1st time in 28 years, every part of our home is warm!"
-David & Kathy S., Orangevale

“Ed & Howard tried to walk us through a process that didn’t work, so Howard drove the 3 hours round trip from his house to ours, on a Friday night, to correct the problem (loose fuses caused by the county building inspector) taking all of 15 min. In the meantime Ed and Donna purchased new heaters and brought them over just in case, but never had to use then. Talk about a group of people who really care about their customers! We are really enjoying our new Carrier system thanks to Carrier and these dedicated people.”
- Gus & Susan S., Gold River

What Our Customers Say About Us and Indoor Air Quality:

“...another true test of the [Aprilaire 5000] system’s outstanding performance came when the wind reached 45 miles per hour and was blowing dust and debris through the air. My son had gone out to mow the lawn and was overcome by the flying dust and debris. The wind had his allergies flare up. He immediately returned into the house and was elated when he stepped inside to breathe the clean air emitted by your system.”
-Willie H., Elk Grove

“I wanted to take the opportunity on behalf of the school, parents, children and staff to extend a huge Thank You for the EcoQuest Air Purification system that you donated to our school. I have to be honest I wasn’t a huge believer in the power of this system until now. After having this system installed I can honestly say we have had fewer illnesses than ever in my 3 years at this particular facility.”
-Danielle B. Merryhill School, Rocklin

Also look for reviews for us on Angie’s List.

Q: What Is Special About Carrier?

A: Besides Carrier’s reliability and respect in the industry for high-efficiency, dependable equipment, Carrier has the distinction that its founder, Willis Carrier, is the inventor of air conditioning!

Willis Carrier
Inventor of Air Conditioning

If someone made a list of everyday inventions that Americans just couldn't live without, Willis Carrier's invention might be at the top. Without Carrier's invention, movie theaters, sports arenas and working environments would be a lot less comfortable, and how could anyone sleep during those hot summer nights?

Inventor Willis Carrier was an engineer from the East Coast (not the deep South as one might expect), who started out working for a heating company. In 1902, Carrier was given the task of decreasing the humidity in a printing shop where the intense heat was causing the inks to run and bleed.

While attempts to create cooling systems had been attempted many times before, none were very successful. But Carrier managed to solve the problem, inventing a mechanical humidity controller that passed air through a filter then over coils containing a coolant (the same basic design used in air conditioners today).

Word soon spread about Willis Carrier's invention, and the number of commercial clients interested in the technology grew steadily. Carrier continued to improve his invention and, in 1915, he founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation (still a major producer of cooling equipment today).

Q: What Is Manual D and Why Is It Important?

A: We properly size and test our ductwork installations according to ACCA Manual D for minimal air loss and maximum heating and cooling performance; that’s “Doing it Right” for you! Following Manual D is simply sizing the ductwork properly to move all the air that your system is capable of moving. Amazingly, many contractors cut costs by cutting ductwork sizing. Every duct moves a certain number of feet per minute. Proper ductwork design gets rid of those areas in your home that are hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Properly sized ductwork also lowers the cost of heating your home and extends the life of the equipment. Replacing all of your ductwork guarantees you an air loss not to exceed six percent (we’re usually between three and five percent).

Q: Why Indoor Air Quality: What Are We Breathing?

A: Why do you need whole-house air cleaning? Consider this:

  • Each person inhales over 3,500 gallons of air each day. Children inhale more particles for their size than adolescents or adults.
  • Polluted air causes 94 percent of all respiratory problems.
  • More than 31 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma; about 1/3 are children under 18.
  • About 40,000 dust mites, a common household allergen, can live in one ounce of dust.
  • An estimated 10-15 percent of the entire population may be allergic to cat or dog dander.
  • A person sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes per day.

Q: What About Duct Cleaning?

A: We feel that duct cleaning, except for in the most extreme circumstances, is an overkill. Most duct cleaning companies are marketing to pay for an extremely expensive machine and not focusing on less expensive ways to do a better job. Have a question? Give us a call! Did you know 99.9 percent of duct cleaning techniques can tear the duct’s inner lining, loosen connections and letting in more future dirt and dust from the attic or subfloor areas?

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